HVAC Installation & Maintenance - Commercial Services

We have a team of knowledgeable consultants who can give you advice regarding your commercial air conditioning needs. They provide highly efficient solutions that deliver long-term results and the best value for your investment. Our consultants are happy to design a tailor-made system that satisfies your specifications.


With our years of experience in the business, we understand that there are many factors to take into account when making a significant commercial investment. These factors include product quality, ongoing operational expenses, and company reputation.


Climate control is one area that needs thorough consideration and planning. You need a reliable and efficient commercial air conditioners, and this is where we can help.


Our professional technicians offer quality workmanship every installation project. They also make sure the job is completed in a manner where disruption is minimal.


We provides consultation, Design & Construct and installation services that unswervingly meet rigorous Australian Standards. The projects we work on include:

  • Industrial & commercial markets
  • New office fit outs & refurbishment
  • Chiller upgrades, DX plants, chilled water
  • Water cooled package units
  • Aircooled package units
  • Computer Rooms
  • Cooling tower upgrades
  • Condenser water upgrades
  • Mechanical Switchboard upgrade
  • Building Management Systems
  • Toilet, Garbage & Supply fan installations
  • Variable speed drives

Commercial HVAC & MEP Servicing

We offer a range of advanced Commercial & Industrial Servicing and maintenance options
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation
Stars Electro Mechanical has a solid track record of delivering services for a wide range of commercial enterprises. We assure that you’re working with a trusted company who owes its steady growth to high level of customer service and technical expertise.


Our experienced air conditioning installation technicians that are committed to professionalism and high level of workmanship. They are trained to deliver complete installation with minimal disruption to your operations. You can expect our friendly technicians to finish work promptly and efficiently, making sure schedules are met and work areas are kept clean and tidy.


While we carry and install many manufacturer brands, rest assured that our technicians will help you choose the equipment that best suits your comfort needs and budget parameters.


Commercial Air Conditioning Repair
Commercial and industrial sectors require a solid maintenance plan to save money. Air conditioning systems are an area that needs regular maintenance. This is necessary to protect your investment’s value and promote efficient performance of your air conditioning system.


Stars Electro Mechanical is your single-source for commercial air conditioning repair and AC maintenance, including:

•    Rooftop air conditioning units
•    Split systems
•    Heat pumps
•    Zone systems
•    Package systems
•    Chiller systems


Commercial & Industrial Heating Installation

Stars Electro Mechanical have been operating a commercial heating department covering design, installation and maintenance of commercial boilers and commercial central heating systems for over 17 years.

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial boiler services:

  • Commercial boiler repair
  • Commercial boiler maintenance
  • Commercial heating installation
  • Commercial boiler service

We have built up an impressive client list – providing them with ongoing, reliable support and expertise to keep their plant and equipment working at optimum efficiency. Take a look at how we helped one of our client’s in the hotel industry overcome a potential heating disaster.

Our fully qualified and industry accredited heating engineers also assist our clients on future heating purchases such as commercial boilers, making sure they gain maximum benefit from the usage and efficiency of their heating systems whilst ensuring maximum return on their investment.

Commercial & Industrial Heating Repair

When it comes to commercial heating utilities, things can quickly become prohibitively expensive. This is a critical situation, since businesses rely on an adequate ROI in order to survive. This is the primary reason why finding a good deal for commercial heating installation is one of the first considerations of any new (or existing) company.
Besides offering excellent deals for commercial underfloor heating and other types of commercial heating systems, at Stars Electro Mechanical we back the quality of our work with our excellent warranty. We do this because we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our installations as well as only using the best parts that are designed to provide problem-free service over an extended period of time.


Your commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system plays a vital role in comfort and productivity, and Stars Electro Mechanical doesn’t take that for granted.


With nearly two decades of expertise, our team is experienced in:


Industrial Duct
Commercial Air Duct Installation
Maintaining your facility’s ventilation system improves cooling and heating efficiency, reduces energy bills, and maintains indoor air quality. Inadequate or leaky duct systems lead to thousands of wasted dollars in HVAC expenses—and may contaminate your workspace with particulates, mold and allergens.


At Stars Electro Mechanical, our technicians are trained to install and replace commercial ductwork safely and effectively—no matter what your project requirements.


ENERGY STAR reports that duct problems reduce HVAC efficiency by as much as 20 percent, so it’s critical to maintain your company’s ventilation system. Air Zero’s experienced ventilation specialists provide full-service ductwork design, sales and installation, and will help you maintain your system after it is installed.

Commercial Air Duct Servicing/ Repair

Depending upon the age and quality of your commercial duct system, you may experience problems with:

  • Improperly sized ducts
  • Supply and return leaks
  • Disconnected or loose ducts
  • Missing or damaged insulation


Symptoms of ductwork problems include inconsistent cooling or heating, increasing utility bills, poor air quality, or room-to-room temperature shifts.


When you partner with the HVACR experts at Stars Electro Mechanical, our technicians provide a thorough assessment of your existing duct system—or recommend installation techniques for your new or remodelled office, warehouse or commercial facility.

Commercial Air Duct Repair
Commercial Exhaust Hood Servicing
Commercial Exhaust Hood Servicing
Proper ventilation is critical for removing odours, maintaining indoor air quality, managing grease, and reducing fire danger.At Stars Electro Mechanical, we understand that exhaust hoods are a critical component of your commercial kitchen, so we provide prompt, skilled service for all brands and models.


With over 17 years’ experience serving restaurants, pubs and commercial kitchens, Stars Electro Mechanical specializes in a variety of mechanical repairs for your food service facility. Commercial exhaust hood service offerings include:

  • Exhaust hood system repairs
  • Belt, motor & bearing repairs
  • Grease filter installation
  • Cleaning & troubleshooting


Partnering with restaurants, sports bars and fine dining establishments,Stars Electro Mechanical services and maintains exhaust hoods and kitchen ventilation systems. Our affordable hood maintenance minimizes downtime and keeps your commercial kitchen running efficiently.

Commercial/ Industrial Ice Maker Services

Stars Electro Mechanical’s commercial HVAC technicians uniquely specialize in cleaning small to medium sized commercial ice machines. As frequent service providers of commercial ice makers, our HVAC technicians are extremely well-versed in the complex system and intricate components involved. Our specialists will arrive on-site to perform a comprehensive cleaning of your commercial ice machine.


With the frequency commercial ice makers are used and the demanding environments they endure, it is imperative routine ice machine cleaning is performed. Our commercial HVAC specialists know ice machines become clogged with mold, slime, lint and grease.

These common refrigeration unit problems can be easily and effectively handled by one of our highly skilled HVAC technicians. We provide thorough sanitation cleaning using nickel-safe scale remover and a specialized sanitizer.

Our ability to perform intensive cleaning of all commercial ice machine components means your ice maker will operate at optimal levels.  After all, a commercial ice machine which runs efficiently and produces maximum quantities of ice means you save serious time and money.

Commercial Ice Maker Services
Restaurant & Catering HVAC Services
Restaurant & Catering HVAC Services
At Stars Electro Mechanical, we understand that your patrons expect a comfortable environment for their dining experience, party, or business conference.   Our expert team of HVAC technicians work closely with architects, engineers, business owners and property owners to design and install an energy efficient heating and cooling system for restaurants and catering facilities.


Fully licensed and bonded and with decades of experience in the HVAC industry, Stars Electro Mechanical enjoys an excellent reputation as a top tier HVAC company that can be counted on for all their heating and air needs.   We take pride in our work and install only the top brands of heating and cooling equipment. Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities.

If you’re a property owner or real estate management company with a restaurant property or catering facility, please contact our commercial HVAC division today to find out about how we can help maintain a comfortable and safe environment for your business. 

Stars Electro Mechanical offers all of the necessary analysis & functionality to assess your Commercial/ Industrial requirement  taking into account pre-existing system and give you the best possible service available.
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Our Expertise

Stars Electro Mechanical undertakes the following types of Commercial & industrial Services.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial & Industrial Heating Installation

Commercial & Industrial Heating Repair

Commercial Air Duct Installation

Commercial Air Duct Servicing/ Repair

Commercial Exhaust Hood Servicing

Commercial/ Industrial Ice Maker Services

Restaurant & Catering HVAC Services

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