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Ensuring the most effective and economical valve solution package
HVAC control valves are built to deliver dependable, long-lasting and leak-proof performance. We take pride in our reputation as the industry leader in reliability.


Through these independent standards, we can guarantee unrivalled durability in every one of our installed HVAC control valves. Our valves range from ½ inch to 20 inches with actuation choices featuring pneumatic, electric, spring return and non-spring return.


These products have the flexibility to fit a wide range of applications, from unit ventilators to VAV boxes to chillers. As a result, your choice in valves has never been bigger or better.


One key consideration when buying and installing control HVAC valves is the risk of leaks, which can be very costly as well as highly inefficient.


Our ring pack design prevents leaks from happening for decades and is then tested to over one million cycles for a guaranteed long product life.
Our valves and actuators were literally made for each other, guaranteeing fast and easy installation.


We can install thousands of valve/actuator combinations, so you can choose the right equipment for the job with complete assurance of compatibility.

Stars Electro Mechanical can assist you with making the right choice regarding valve/actuator. We appreciate the opportunity to install, service, and test & inspect your every need.

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Check Valves
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Drain Taps
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Automatic Air Vents
Thermal Circulation Valves

We offer a wide range of automated butterfly valves, ball valves and pressure independent valves that meet the most stringent quality standards.

Wherever valve performance is required to maintain climate controlled environments, Stars Electro Mechanical can provide the required automated valves to meet the demanding flow applications of HVAC, chiller/boiler isolation, air handlers and terminal units for new construction, retrofit and/or LEED certification applications.

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