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An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. An air handler is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers.

Air handlers usually connect to a ductwork ventilation system that distributes the conditioned air through the building and returns it to the AHU. Sometimes AHUs discharge (supply) and admit (return) air directly to and from the space served without ductwork.

Small air handlers, for local use, are called terminal units, and may only include an air filter, coil, and blower; these simple terminal units are called blower coils or fan coil units. A larger air handler that conditions 100% outside air, and no recirculated air, is known as a makeup air unit (MAU). An air handler designed for outdoor use, typically on roofs, is known as a packaged unit (PU) or rooftop unit (RTU).

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Air Handling Units

  • Best Thermal Performance – Use of Ultra-Thermal Break construction reduces energy losses and eliminates exterior “sweating.”
  • Low Leakage – Unit design and materials limit air leakage to astounding 0.5% at +/-10″ w.g. static pressure
  • Enhanced IAQ – Cleanable construction, timed filter delivery, and ultra-violet germicidal irradication raise IAQ to a new level of clean
  • Quiet Operation – An array of construction and isolation techniques help control vibration and transmission of noise
  • Factory-Packaged Systems – Pre-packaged systems are available for water, steam, and refrigeration. This ensures that systems arrive at the jobsite fully commissioned and ready to go
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installations
  • Static Pressure upto 1000 Pa
  • Extruded aluminum profile framework
  • Polyurethane panel insulation (mineral wool option available)
  • Standard casing made of 50mm thick double skin panels
  • Heat Recovery Wheel, Heat Pipe & Plate Heat Exchanger option available


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Aurisys_Condensing Units
Condensing Units

Condensing units are the perfect refrigerant components for all air conditioning applications that use central station air handling. They are designed for outdoor installation. Each unit includes hermetic scroll compressors, an air-cooled condenser, and a weather resistant microprocessor control center, all mounted on a formed steel base.

  • High Efficiency – The industry’s highest design and off-design efficiencies in this capacity range
  • Environmentally Responsible – Uses R-410A, an environmentally responsible refrigerant.
  • Superior Reliability – Scroll-compressor design has fewer moving parts, improving reliability
  • Powder coated metallic construction
  • Units fitted with Reciprocating/Scroll Compressors
  • HP & LP a standard feature


Fan Coil Units

Low Static Ducted

High Static Ducted

  • Optimized Performance – chilled-water coil or direct-expansion for cooling, hot water, steam, or electric coil for heating; energy-efficient ECM motors.
  • Flexible Design – Exposed cabinet, concealed free-return cabinet, or concealed plenum-return cabinet with rear or bottom return; 2- or 4-pipe coils
  • Piping packages for Fan-Coil Units – Factory-assembled piping packages available
  • Choice of HVAC Controls – Thermostats can be analog, digital display, or programmable. Controls can be interfaced with a building automation system, or operate on a stand-alone basis.
  • Excellent IAQ – Low sound levels; sloped drain pans are also cleanable; cabinets can be insulated with foil-faced fiberglass or closed-cell foam
  • Superior Serviceability – Fan deck and drain pan can be removed for servicing.


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