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If the insulation on the central heating and cooling ductwork in your house has seen better days, consider replacing or upgrading it to improve energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills.


This is particularly true if the ductwork is located in place with intense environmental heat can make your air conditioner work overtime to cool your home.


Whether for optimum energy efficiency, to limit heat loss or to maintain the correct operating temperature, pipes and ducts should be insulated with  insulation.


Stars Electro Mechanical can assist you with making the right choice. We appreciate the opportunity to install, service, and test & inspect HVAC insulation and propose the widest range of options to suit your every Insulation need.


Duct Board Products

Designed for fabrication into supply and return air duct work for both residential and commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

It can be fabricated into square, rectangular or multiside sections. Standard, factory-molded male and female shiplap edges ensure tight and strong fabricated transverse joints.

Composed of resin-bonded glass fibers with a reinforced foil laminate air barrier/vapor retarder facing applied to the outside surface and a textile fiber glass non-woven mat bonding to the air stream surface.

They have vapor retarder that reduces the chance of condensation and the resulting chance of material and system damage caused by unwanted moisture.

Duct Linear
Duct Linear Products
Duct liner is used primarily as acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise. It also helps improve the energy-efficiency of the system by reducing heat gain or loss. Plus, duct liner helps minimize moisture problems due to condensation.


It is composed of rotary spun-type glass fibers the same durable air stream surface and moisture protection.


Duct liner helps absorb equipment and air rush noises over a broad spectrum of sound. Noise is trapped and dissipated within the glass fiber matrix.


These offer excellent thermal-insulating properties and lower HVAC operating costs by reducing energy consumption. This saves natural resources and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.

External Duct Insulation
External Duct Wrap Insulation offers the same unparalleled thermal properties and qualities as Soft Touch Duct Wrap, in various widths, allowing for less labor, less waste, and a cleaner installed appearance.


These products are used to insulate rectagular and round heating, ventilating, and air conditioning ductwork.


Duct wrap products provide thermal efficiency that reduces unwanted heat loss or gain from equipment and ductwork. This means a likely savings of energy and improved system performance.

External Duct
Flexible Insulation
Flexible Duct Insulation

This form of acoustical and thermal insulation for lining the interior of spiral and round sheet metal ducts and plenums in HVAC systems. It is used to reduce heat gain or loss while also absorbing unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise.

This eliminates the cost of perforated metal lining required for double wall construction. It further simplifies fabrication and installation in the shop and on the job.

They help the overall weight to be less, Improves acoustical performance over double wall systems and Lower installed cost than double wall systems

Adhesives/ Sealants

These adhesives/ sealants creates an air-tight seal on duct seams and joints. By eliminating air leakage, sealant increases the overall efficiency of the duct system, which can cut energy costs.

When exposed to fire or heat, the product develops a micro-porous, insulating foam-layer, protecting cables and other surfaces from the influence of fire due to its low heat conductivity and the lack of oxygen. In case of fire, the function of electrical units will be extended, the flame spread reduced to a minimum and the forming of corrosive and toxic gases is reduced considerably.

The products are designed to be air drying and may be brush or spray applied. It provides superior product protection against microbial growth.


We offer a wide range of Insulation Products that meet the most stringent quality standards.

We are committed to delivering the most complete line of HVAC insulation for both commercial and residential buildings. We are the market leader in HVAC insulation, and have a history of providing duct liner, duct board and duct wrap solutions with superior consistency and quality.

Our innovative HVAC insulation solutions are easy to fabricate for faster installation and provide a wide variety of options. The products we use promote consistent temperatures for less wasted energy and many of our products help dampen unwanted noise and improve the comfort of building occupants with improved air quality.

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