Water Pump & Filtering System

HVAC systems that work efficiently, making buildings more comfortable, productive and healthy.

The centrifugal pump has long been the workhorse of HVAC systems, supporting the operation of chillers, boilers, cooling towers, domestic water systems, and hydronic distribution systems. And while practically every other component in an HVAC system has been greatly modified to meet ever changing requirements for efficiency and reliability, centrifugal pumps have not changed very much.

The products we employ have made significant improvements in impeller designs, construction materials, bearing and seal designs, and couplings.

Our pump designs and high-efficiency drive motors can improve operating efficiency. By replacing a pump motor with a high-efficiency model, managers can achieve a reduction in energy requirements of 1-5 percent. Similarly, installing a high-efficiency pump can reduce energy requirements 1-3 percent. While these efficiency improvement numbers are relatively small, the typical annual hours of operation for many pump applications can make the resulting savings very significant.

Stars Electro Mechanical can assist you with making the right choice. We appreciate the opportunity to install, service, and test & inspect your every HVAC Pumping need.


We provide energy efficient pumps, boosters, circulators, controls and other products and systems for building HVAC.


The structures served by our HVAC products and systems include data centers, manufacturing, office and apartment buildings, retail, sports complexes, central heating/chiller plants, hospitals, schools and green building projects.


Pump products and control systems for the liquid-based HVAC industry serving markets for all large commercial HVAC applications


Steam and Boilers
A range of products for steam and hydronic systems including boiler feed units, temperature regulators, vacuum breakers and steam traps


A comprehensive line of steam and hot water boiler liquid-level control products serving the demanding needs of industrial and commercial markets


A broad selection of condensate transfer equipment for low- and high-pressure steam systems

Booster Pump Packages
Booster pump packages equipped with intelligent variable-frequency controls for HVAC service in commercial, industrial and municipal buildings and structures
Booster Pump Packages

We offer a wide range of Pumping Equipments that meet the most stringent quality standards.

We deliver world-class engineering expertise to commercial, residential and industrial HVAC installations worldwide for easy application in new or existing systems and products support.

Stars Electro Mechanical provide you a complete solution related to Design, Install, and maintenance of HVAC pumps and associated Systems.

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